Garden Tidy Services

Under the heading of Garden Tidy we offer a variety of work

Pressure Washing - Paths, Steps, Patios and Walls
Gutter and Fascia Cleaning and Unblocking

Hedge Trimming - Tree Cutting - Garden Tidy - Overgrown Grass Strimming & Mowing
Garden Make Overs - Removal of Bushes - Gravel & Chippings - Garden Clearance

Due to unreliable weather conditions, we do not offer “regular garden maintenance”

Dirty Steps

Pressure Washing

The majority of people don’t realise that they need Pressure Washing until after it’s been done and you can see the difference.

These steps were Slippy & Dangerous
They came up like new and now they’re safe

Cleaning Guttering

Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

You don’t have to replace your guttering just because it’s dirty and leaking.

This home-owner got 2 quotes.
The other company told her that the gutter was leaking due to age and needed replacing
We cleaned & unblocked it.
Problem sorted at a fraction of the cost
And it came out looking like new

Has Your Garden Got Out Of Control?

These 2 photos were taken from roughly the same angle.

What a difference a few hours made.

The Garden had been inaccessible.

Now it's a Beautiful Quiet Haven.

We turned an unloved garden
into a garden to be proud of.

Cutting back trees gave at least 6 ft extra width.

The winding path gave the garden character.

We Built a Pergola and a Deck too.

We completed this whilst Grace was away

On her return home, Grace drove straight past her house.

"I Can't believe what you've achieved".

"I didn't even recognise it"

Now Grace has a Low Maintenance Garden.

Call us today to arrange a visit where we can discuss your requirements
Within 24 to 48 hours we can have a quote and plan drawn up
We offer FREE quotes with no obligations
So you’ve got nothing to lose

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